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The freelancer recruitment platform that revolutionizes exchanges between clients & freelancers

In just twenty-four months, Coworkees has been able to retain thousands of freelancers and companies thanks to its innovative recruitment platform and its team of experts. We are at the beginning of our history, a multitude of challenges await us in a more or less near future, if the challenge does not frighten you and if you wish to join a united team, contact us!

Once upon a time...

  • Objective : fundraising act 2 !

    After having validated our objectives that we had set for 2019, we are preparing a new fundraising campaign for the first quarter of 2020! With our innovative platform and our strengthened team, now composed of twelve employees, we have only one idea in mind: Take Coworkees to the top! Would you like to take part in this adventure? Do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Coworkees spreads its wings in Switzerland

    The vast majority of Coworkees partners have practiced for many years in Switzerland and are found in the mindset present within Swiss companies! Since Coworkees France is based in Annecy, we have, since the beginning of our MVP, integrated cross-border working relationships. In response to the ever-increasing demands of our customers and prospects on the Swiss market, creating a company in Switzerland (Coworkess SA) has become a matter of course for us. The inauguration evening of October 10 will remain the first stone of our arrival on the Swiss market.

  • Nothing stops us now!

    Now Coworkees has a community of several tens of thousands of freelancers! We must keep our commitments and give them the opportunity to work on attractive projects! It is with this in mind that we are deploying the "browse", behind this term is the online publication of the entire unlogged part of our platform and the "app" part of the platform will arrive in a few weeks. These developments have only one and the same goal: to make it easier for our clients to find and recruit freelancers.

  • 1st place!

    We are proud to have won the Marketing Excellence Award in the start-up category! Great honour for our platform which offers an innovative and efficient alternative for the management of companies' digital projects!

  • Coworkees is one of the transformers!

    Julie Huguet, founder of Coworkees, is one of 30 personalities appointed by the Tribune who are revolutionizing France with their innovative vision and service! Being part of this elite group is a reward for all the efforts Julie has made during the conferences and workshops she leads to inform and train on the "Future Of Work".

Thank you to the press for talking about us!